Should You Eat Dirt?

Don’t worry, this isn’t the title to a children’s educational blog post about cleaning your hands after playing outside in the mud. It’s actually a claim made by Dr. Josh Axe, one of the most popular and highly qualified doctors and nutritionists online. In a nutshell, Dr. Axe is a…

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Salt: Do You Need More?

We’ve long been told that salt is bad for us. Almost sitting on a par with the devil that is sugar, salt is one of the ingredients we’re told to avoid wherever possible. It’s bad for our bodies, and bad for our health. And it’s one of those warning lights…

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The Benefits of Turmeric

You may have heard of the name turmeric or you may not, but you’ll definitely know it as the spice which makes curry yellow! It comes from the root of a plant, and has been used in traditional healing practices for hundreds of years. It is particularly prominent in Chinese…

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Timing Your Green Boost

The value of drinking your fruits and vegetables cannot be underestimated. It’s a great way to get all the supplements you need for a healthy lifestyle, helping you to easily fit in those 5-a-day without even thinking about it. They’re great for pre and post workout drinks too, which is…

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New Year, New Healthy Menu

From Rockstar Sushi To S’mores Tasting Boards, any time of year just one look at our exclusive menu will have your mouth watering and your forks ready. Of course, our menu is constantly changing as we source the finest fresh ingredients from the local area, try out new and delicious…

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Celebrate Burns’ Night With Us

With Christmas long gone and New Year out of the way, you may already be looking forward to the next opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. Well look no further than Hale Country Club & Spa, where we’ll be holding a very special event this month to celebrate Burns’…

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Ginger Shots – Now Being Served

Yes, it’s true: our very own Japanese Izakaya restaurant is now serving one of Asia’s favourite superfoods in its purest form, bringing you health benefits you can’t even imagine! Ground down into a shot, this wonder drink is a quick and delicious way of kick starting your body, specifically targeting…

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Look Who’s Talking About #HaleCountryClub

The very best of Hale Country Clubs Instagram. Follow us @halecountryc
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Bank Holiday Monday Opening Hours 8am-8pm.  #halecountryclub
Good lighting vibes 👀 #bali #abs #fitness #health #ripped #halecountry
Introducing The Thermal Mud Rasul Chamber. #relax #halecountryclub #sp
Love coming back home to Cheshire. Time to relax and enjoy the break a
Nothing Ventured Nothing Trained. #halecountryclub #olympicrings #fitn
--------------------------------------------Tuesday = Chest/Triceps/De
Sunrise begins another day at #halecountryclub. #sunrise
There is a cure for the Monday blues. #halecountryclub #mondaymotivati
The very best of Hale Country Clubs Instagram. Follow us @halecountryc
Put Your Progress On Display. #halecountryclub #yoga
#TBT Tim Howard ⚽️ Everton Goalkeeper 👐🏽
Good luck for the future 👍🏻🇺🇸
Luck's Got Nothing To Do With It. #halecountryclub
Sunday started the right way ! @halecountryclub swim - check coffee- c
Lauren And her Hens❤️😎🐓🍾 #halecountryclub #spaday #hendo #prosecco @_j
My 3rd insanity class this week. Wished my gyms in London lived up to

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