Relax and Rejuvenate in the Thermal Suite

When you’ve had your fill of exercise, are looking to open up your pores and invigorate your skin, or simply want to just relax your muscles and let yourself go, head on up to the resplendent thermal suite at Hale Country Club & Spa.

After the stresses of December and the indulgence of the holiday period, the thermal suite is the ideal place to rejuvenate and warm up from the cold outside. Better still, each of our heated experiences provide a wealth of health benefits for your skin, your body and your lungs.

So whether you’re immersing yourself in steam or covering yourself in ice, kicking back on a bench in dry heat or inhaling fresh salted air, you’d be forgiven for spending hours in our amazingly refreshing thermal suite.

The choice of relaxation

Enjoy secluded privacy in our Zen Steam room, where you’ll benefit from an intense, wet heat at around 50ºC. Or, put your feet up in our Fire and Ice Steam room, soothing your skin with steam before grabbing a handful of ice from the stunning central feature to offer a rapid wake up and exfoliating experience as you rub it across your body.

Experience all the relaxation of a therapeutic steam but with the welcome addition of invigorating salt crystals in our tranquil Salt Cave, or let the bubbles engulf you as recline into a contoured bench in our Wellness Pool.

Finally, sit or lie in the Hemlock Sauna, on three tiers of benches surrounding an exquisite central stove, letting the dry heat from the tundish engulf your body.

The benefits of heat 

The heated treatments in our thermal suite offer a wide variety of benefits to the body, skin and mind. Here are just a few:

  1. They increase blood and lymphatic circulation in the body, expanding capillaries and flushing out unwanted toxins.
  2. Both dry and wet heat alleviate breathing problems, relieving congestion by opening up mucous membranes. This is ideal for reducing pressure in sufferers of sinus issues, asthma and bronchitis.
  3. They can help speed up your metabolism and reduce the risk of heart disease. By increasing your heart rate, your body will benefit from a light cardio workout, helping improve your heart muscle, lower your blood pressure and burn fat faster.
  4. By sweating in the steam room or sauna, you can also lose unnecessary water in your system, which will aid with weight loss.
  5. All heat treatments will help flush out skin impurities and remove blackheads, which is great for your complexion. Those with dry skin may benefit from the hydrating experience of the steam room, whilst greasy skin sufferers might find the sauna removes excess moisture on the surface.
  6. Warm bubbles in the Wellness Pool will help to soothe aching muscles, whilst the heat from the sauna can ease tension and reduce joint point, making it ideal for arthritis sufferers.
  7. Heat treatments also have great anti-inflammatory effects on the muscles, particularly those in the breathing system, relieving throat irritation. In particular, salt has natural anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for inhalation in the Salt Cave.
  8. The anti-bacterial properties of salt also means it purifies the air you breathe, whilst also restoring a wealth of natural minerals back into your body, including calcium, potassium and bromine.
  9. Crushed ice from the Fire and Ice Steam room can also be used to great benefit, combining with the warm treatments to invigorate senses, close pores, and firm up your skin, leaving you full of fresh energy.
  10. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, all the treatments in our thermal suite are designed to help reduce stress and provide total relaxation. The heat stimulates a release of endorphins in your body, providing that ‘feel good’ boost you need that can also help you sleep better at night too!

If you haven’t tried them already, the new year is the perfect time to come on up to our thermal suites, and indulge in some blissful relaxation and rejuvenation.

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