Should You Sleep Naked?

Sleep is as vital to our regular functions as eating, drinking and breathing. We all know how a bad night’s sleep can affect our body temporarily, but if you consistently fail to sleep well, your health can suffer too.

A good night of sleep – around 7 or 8 hours – can help you combat disease, promote physical recovery and support good brain function. Too much sleep could leave you feeling over tired and lethargic, whilst if you get too little, you’re asking for trouble.

Studies like one conducted at the University of Warwick show that less than 6 hours sleep a day can lead to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and weight gain, because your brain is less able to adequately control glucose in your body.

So is there a way to effectively get a good night’s sleep? Well, have you tried sleeping naked?

The benefits of sleeping in the nude

Getting into bed without any clothes on might seem like a strange solution to sleep well and support good health, but actually sleeping naked has a number of benefits:

  • It helps you to stay young

Without constricting clothes, it’s easier for the body to release anti-ageing hormones and melatonin (which regulates your sleep pattern, and is a great, natural antioxidant). These hormones can help reduce complexion and keep you looking young, smoothing over skin lesions, spots and wrinkles.

  • It increases healing and fat burning potential

 Clothes and heavy blankets can inhibit the release of HGH, a growth hormone that repairs your skin, muscles and bones. When your body is free and relaxed, it enters repair mode and releases this hormone, but if it’s hot and tense, it’s could remain in panic mode, which holds onto everything – and that includes fat.

HGH also helps to burn fat whilst you sleep during the night, so you want to release as much of it as possible.

  • It’s better for regulating cortisol

Cortisol is one hormone you don’t want to release too much of. It’s bad on so many levels, including causing stress, high blood pressure, agitation, poor sleeping patterns, and low libido.

It also contributes to cravings for sugary and high carb comfort foods, especially when you wake. Sleeping naked lowers cortisol, and thus your cravings, which could help further increase weight loss!

  • It regulates your body temperature 

The Los Angeles Sleep Institute stresses the importance of a regular body temperature to drift into a deep sleep, ideally between 15 and 21 Celsius. Sleeping in the buff is the best way to ensure you don’t overheat and sweat, and will help to reduce insomnia.

Keeping cool also helps to activate your metabolism, by stimulating something called brown fat (which is the good kind) found in your neck. To get the energy it needs to heat up, brown fat burns the stores of bad white fat that you want to get rid of!

  • It can enhance intimacy and self esteem

 Studies have shown that sleeping naked next to someone can increase the release of the happy, feel good hormone oxytocin. It’s best known as the love hormone, but its effects are far reaching; it can reduce blood pressure, lower stress-causing cortisol levels further, promote growth and healing, and also increase your pain threshold.

Sleeping naked generally just helps you get closer with a partner, increasing your personal connection and boosting your relationship. It can also help boost your self-esteem as you become confident and comfortable in your birthday suit. You’ll soon learn to love how good you look.

  • It gives you more freedom to move

Without pyjamas, moving around in bed is far easier. And that means you can keep everything cool and aired, which is important to prevent yeast infections in women, promote good fertility in men, and generally just let your whole skin (the body’s biggest organ) breathe properly

Oxygen is beneficial in reducing acne too, and without constricting clothes cutting off any blood supplies, you’ll improve your circulation as well.

Ready to ditch the PJs?

Numerous studies have shown that sleeping naked really can be beneficial to your health. And there are other positives too.

It’s somewhat practical, as you can get into bed quicker, not worry about any more washing, and save money on pyjamas. It also helps you to get up quicker in the morning, and tackle the day head on!

So why not give it a try when you hit the sack tonight?

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