Treat Your Body To A Winter Detox

Exercise? I thought you said extra fries?

Detoxing. For some people it only happens once a year, usually as a result of an uncomfortable amount of mince pie baggage around the waist and possibly too much alcohol as well.

For other people, it’s a “lifestyle thing”. Plenty of water in-between hot yoga and sashimi with friends.

But what does detoxing mean to you?

How do you detox at home without having to go to Asia for two weeks on a juicing diet. And is it even a real thing?

What is a detox?

Firstly let’s get it clear that the word detox is banded about wildly in magazines and on products, often simply as a form of misleading marketing. But underneath the hype and excitement that health food stores sell in colourful bottles and fruity tablets lies a truth that is attainable by all of us.

Treat your body with respect and it will do the rest for you.

No fad products will cleanse you better than you can cleanse yourself with a little bit of sensible eating, movement and a skincare routine that makes you feel good.

What should you do to detox effectively?

We asked five of the Therapists at Hale Country Club to share what they thought helped the body detox. Two key points were mentioned by each therapist: diet and exercise.

And were they right? Of course they were.

Studies show that combining a healthy diet with regular exercise is one of the best things that you can do to feel better about yourself.

Can you keep to a diet?

Speak to any of the Personal Trainers around our gym and they will tell you that a Paleo diet is best for our bodies. Keep your diet high in protein, stay off the processed foods and limit your carbs.

Sounds easy enough…. But hang on. Wine is high in sugar, so that’s out, bread is bad carbs, and you can forget about that Cadbury’s selection pack hiding in the cupboard after Christmas.

Maybe a diet isn’t for me right now. Especially as you probably still have enough cheese and crackers left over to sink even the most reckless of appetites. Paleo, Atkins, even the 5:2 diet isn’t easy to do, especially if you have friends whose idea of social culture is catching up over Cicchetti.

Effective detox methods

So how do you beat the bloat without becoming a recluse?

How about throwing all the nonsense such as detox pads and the super duper berry juice of the month out of the window and looking at what might actually work?

Massage is a major factor in aiding the body’s natural detoxification process.  It helps to relax both the body and mind, so that you are ready to face the world again and it’s amazing at helping with water retention and circulation. Using products alongside a massaging treatment, like the ESPA detoxifying body oil which contains juniper berry to act as an effective diuretic, helps you to lose the dreaded bloat without having to do a juice fast diet for a fortnight.

Another overlooked or took for granted little gem is the quite remarkable green tea. It helps metabolise fat thanks to its thermogenic properties. Easy to drink hot, or even better when it’s powdered in smoothies, it is similar to a good workout. When you get into a fat burning mode, your body temperature rises, creating a furnace to help further burn fat.

And let’s not forget body brushing either. It helps to improve the circulation of lymphatic fluid close to the skin’s surface, helping to move pockets of fluid that haven’t quite been shifted by the body itself yet. It’s similar to a massage but something that can be done at home everyday.

It might seem simple: diet, exercise, circulation and movement.

Four things that detoxify the body, four things that can be done anywhere –  in the gym, in the spa or even at home.

Helping the body to detoxify is easy and always remember, a little bit of what you fancy does you good.

Check out the latest detoxifying massage offers from The Spa today.

Learn more about relaxing in The Spa

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