Try PiYo – Less Intense, Still Maximum Results

At Hale Country Club & Spa, we always endeavour to be at the forefront of exercise, offering our members the very latest and the very best workouts and classes in our studios.

That’s why we’re really excited to announce the newest addition to our timetable – PiYo – one of the hottest fitness trends in the world.

What is PiYo?

PiYo was developed by the same company behind Insanity, but created by a different trainer. It’s different to Insanity in that it’s not insane. In fact, PiYo is designed specifically to get you the results you want, without punishing your body too hard, as is often the case with Insanity workouts.

As a combination of Pilates and yoga, you’d be forgiven for thinking that PiYo may be a slow and gentle workout. Whilst you won’t be pushing beyond your limits as you might in an Insanity class, PiYo will still push you extremely hard, gentle only in the fact that there are no compromises on your body.

You won’t be putting the same strain on your body, but you could still burn up to 1,000 calories a session!

What are the benefits of a PiYo workout?

PiYo has been billed as a workout that’s all the gain, but with less of the pain, because it’s designed to support your body as you improve fitness and flexibility, rather than challenge it to breaking point.

It’s a lively workout – for those who think yoga or Pilates is slow or boring – as the fluid, fast paced movements are always changing and transitioning rather than holding for a set amount of time.

As a a result of this fast pace, PiYo helps you get your heart racing and encourages your body to burn fat, just like a HIIT or Insanity workout. Using your own bodyweight, you’ll sculpt your body – like a resistance workout – but without the potential damage to your muscles and joints.

And the morning after, you’ll wake up without feeling sore or stiff.

Do a PiYo workout and you can expect to:

  • Strengthen your core
  • Boost your athleticism
  • Improve your body shape
  • Develop your flexibility
  • Stretch and tone your muscles
  • Improve your cardiovascular system
  • Burn fat and burn calories

Why should I try it?

PiYo is an ideal workout for those who may have struggled with more intense exercise classes before, and may be recovering from any injuries. Unlike other workouts, PiYo was specifically created to aid and prevent repetitive strain injuries that are often caused by the kind of movements and exercises common in high intensity workouts.

You don’t need to use any kind of weights to strengthen and lengthen those muscles, and you can rest assured that there won’t be any jumping around – it’s a PiYo workout, not plyo.

Plus, it’s much more accessible for a variety of ages and exercises levels. And unlike some Pilates or yoga sessions, you won’t feel like you need to do a cardio workout in addition to completing a PiYo class.

Try this faster paced exercise class, and remember, when you speed up a workout, you’ll speed up the results!

What will I need?  

As PiYo doesn’t use any weights, only your own bodyweight for resistance, all you’ll need to do is grab a mat when you turn up to the class, to provide some comfort and support for floor work.

Other than that, just come in your normal workout gear! Anything suitable for Pilates or yoga will be just fine for PiYo.

Expect Downward Dog and Warrior poses mixed with side planks and reverse lunges, alongside a repetition of Pilates style exercises in quick successive motions to help tighten and tone the core, flatten the stomach and burn fat.

Keep your eye on our timetable for more details of PiYo classes at Hale Country Club & Spa.

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