Are your tight hips caused by stress?

17th September 2021 | Reset

Our mind and body are more intimately connected than we often realise, particularly when we experience stressful situations. For example, our brain releases certain chemicals that impact the way we think and feel while our body responds to stressors by tensing our muscles, shifting our breathing pattern and changing our blood pressure; often leading to tension getting held in the body.  

When you think about where most people feel the impacts of stress the most, the hips aren’t always the first place that come to mind. Depending on your occupation or daily routine, you may spend extended periods of time sitting, so experiencing tightness in the hips isn’t uncommon.  However, it’s also our physical reaction to stressful situations that impacts our flexibility and openness in these joints.  

Our natural response to a threat is to draw our knees up to our chest, curling up into a foetal pose for protection. This same initial response also happens when we experience feelings of fear, anxiety and sadness. Although our physical response isn’t so abrupt, we still tense our hips; trapping not only muscular tension but also emotional tension too.  

Yoga is often the chosen practice for stress and anxiety release because of the many poses incorporated into each flow that strengthen and open your hips. You can find three simple, yet effective yoga stretches designed to benefit your performance in the gym and daily life here. 

The benefits of hip openers for relieving feelings of stress

Incorporating hip openers into your yoga practice or at the end of your gym session can aid digestion, relieve stress and release tension and emotions. When held for several long, deep breaths, these exercises stretch the hip flexors and the muscles in the outer hips and inner groin.

How to release tight hips effectively

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Move cautiously and go at your own pace

It's important to move cautiously and go slow when moving into hip opening postures. When you spend the majority of your time sitting - behind a desk, in the car or relaxing – your hip flexors are shortened and tight and it’ll take some dedication to the practice to lengthen and loosen them up again.  

At the Club, we’re dedicated to providing our members and guests with a sanctuary from the everyday. Here, you’re able to unplug and reconnect with your true sense of self, whether that’s through pushing yourself during a workout, unwinding in the Thermal Suite or releasing feelings of stress or anxiety through a slow flow in one of our many Yoga classes.

If you’d like to find out more about the various classes we run and their benefits, reach out to one of our trainers at the Club.

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