Kids Club

Never boring and always evolving, a programme of activities to suit every child’s needs whatever their age or ability.


Whatever your goal you will find it here. High energy and low impact combine to create the perfect complement of classes tailored with you in mind.

Cardio Vascular




Studio Cycle

Strength & Conditioning



Advance Step

Mastered the beginners class? Then this is the class for you. Expect more complex routines and faster tempo.

Beginner Step

A great class for those starting their fitness journey. You’ll learn the fundamentals of exercising to music and be taken through some basic step combinations.

Body Blast

Get lean, build strength and tone muscle in this hour long class designed to push you to your limits.

Circuit Challenge

A constantly varied workout. Expect swift changes between exercises as you progress though stations.

Fight FX

A mixed martial arts based class combining combos, drills and fitness. All alongside some great motivational music.


An intense workout using a height adjustable step.

Hot Yoga

Need to de-stress and energise? Hot yoga is for you. We turn the temperature all the way up and take you through some challenging routines.

Barre Yoga

A combination of Ballet and Yoga. You will flow through routines using ballet barres and more traditional yoga poses/routines.

Ashtanga Yoga

A dynamic and structured approach to Yoga. Composed of both spiritual and practical principles. Perfect for those looking for a challenge.

Barre HIIT

This high intensity, fat burning class makes use of Ballet Barres. You will do traditional Barre based movements combined with interval training.

Barre Yoga

A combination of Ballet and Yoga. You will flow through routines using ballet barres and more traditional yoga poses/routines.

Beginners Yoga

An introduction into the fundamentals of Yoga.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga encourages a healthy mind-body relationship. You will learn gentle poses focusing on stretching.


A great way to relax both body & mind using stretching and core strengthening techniques.

Restorative Flow

Yoga with the aid of props, making it easier to achieve complete relaxation.

Vinyassa Flow Yoga

The focus of this yoga class is to link breathing with flow. Resulting in a class based heavily around flexibility and concentration.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga activates the deepest tissues of your body.

Yoga & Medition

Yoga for the body and mind. You'll find levels of calm you didn't realise they were.


A tough mixture of traditional body weight exercises combined with HIIT and strength training. Are you tough enough?


A workout you’ll find at no other club! Intense interval training designed to get you in great shape!


A total body conditioning program. Based on max interval methods. Expect to burn lots of calories.

Intense Zone

A real test of your grit. This class takes you beyond your limits.


The original 30 minute metabolic workout! Great music coupled with a lively atmosphere. The class that keeps you working!


A revolutionary system offering an endless variety of bodyweight exercises. Based around HIIT principles. A great fat loss workout.

Bounce Dancefit

A high intensity, high impact dance class.

Diva Fever

It's your stage, as you perform the latest routines from the world's biggestdivas past and present. From J-Lo to Janet, From Britney to Beyonce and even Cherobics!


The latest dance craze. Every track has a totally different vibe.


A real party atmosphere. This class is for anyone that enjoys dancing to great music and intense exercise.


Using state of the art ICG bikes. Be prepared to pedal.


HIIT on a spin bike. Short bursts of speed followed by short recovery periods.


Let our master trainers get the most out of you.


A great opportunity to get to grips with our top of the range ICG bikes.

Ab Attack

A great class for those looking to increase core strength and achieve a chiselled mid-section.

Beginners Weight Training

Fed up of cardio? Learn the basics of weight training with one of our expert PT's.

Blast FX

A dynamic class focusing on conditioning using nothing but your body weight. You’ll improve your balance, strength, power and agility.

Body Pump

Get lean, build strength and tone muscle in this hour long class designed to push you to your limits.

Body Tone

A full body strength and conditioning workout designed to improve strength, flexibility and aesthetics.

Group PT

A good opportunity to experience some expert knowledge from our elite PT team.

Gym Workshop

The A to Z of training. A great introduction to all things gym!

Intermediate Weight Training

Ready to take a step up to the next level of training? This workshop will take you through the techniques required to progress.


A highly effective fat-burning kettlebell based class. Expect to learn lots of new movements and lots of fun!


Legs, bums & tums. A classic class for those wanting to tone up.

Pump FX

Combining resistance training and music. You will work out your entire body to some of the latest hits!


The perfect class for those looking to ‘tone-up’ You will be pushed to your limits using constantly varied resistance movements.

Six Pack Attack

If you want to work on your abdominal area this class is for you. 15 minutes of intense, non-stop exercise!

Strength & Performance

Ideal for those looking to improve their athletic performance.


Learn the fundamentals of compound movements at your own speed.

Technique Workshop

An insight into the finer detail of training.

Women's Weightlifting

Womens only weightlifting. A group class designed to refine your technique in the big 3 lifts! With progression onto the Olympic lifts.


A low impact pool based class that promotes movement, flexibility and agility.


A pool based class where you will be put through your paces to some of the latest hits and learn some great choreographed routines.

Bitesize Bootcamp

Bootcamp inspired fitness sessions for kids!

Imagination Movers

Let your imagination run wild!

Sing & Splash

Fun & games in the pool.


Skills, drills, fitness & drills. One for the future pro footballers out there!

Tots Tennis

Fun games and Tennis technique will be the main part of this class. A great introduction to Tennis.

Athletics Club

An introduction to various track & field disciplines.


For all the aspiring Ballerinas & Ballerinos out there!


Dodge dip duck dive and dodge.

Green Tennis

A great way to improve your technique with expert tuition.

Indoor Hockey

Fun and games after school.

Junior Fitness Zone

Need to burn off some excess energy? This is the class to do it in. High intensity, fun workouts tailored for kids.

Kids Box Fit

A fun way to learn the fundamentals of boxing!

Kids Games Club

From the latest Xbox games to the more traditional board games. This class promises to be fun and engaging.

Kids Rugby

An introduction to tag rugby.

Red Tennis

One for the more advanced players.

Street Dance

Lear the latest funky dance routines all to the latest beats.


Burn off some excess energy in this extreme workout.

Team Crossfit

Functional movements combined with fun games.

Team Fitness Zone

The Ultimate test of fitness. A combination of body weight and resistance. Have you got what it takes?

Junior Karate

The perfect class for any budding Karate-Kids out there!

Family Karate

Come and learn Karate as a family.