7 essential items for runners

27th May 2021 | Inspire

Running can increase your endurance, promote cardiovascular health and helps to build muscle and maintain an optimal body fat composition. Paired with some effective weight training, it can positively impact your mental wellbeing as well as your physical fitness.  

If you’re new to running, it’s important you take the time to learn what kind of kit and nutritional supplements you might need to keep you comfortable while allowing your body time to recover.  

We’re dedicated to ensuring our members are equipped with the right knowledge and advice before starting a new training regime, whether that’s in our Club or while you’re training outside. To help you go the distance, we asked the team at Myprotein to provide us with their seven top items for runners that should be considered alongside quality footwear. 


To promote recovery and endurance, Myprotein nutritionist Liam Agnew recommends incorporating the following supplements into your new training regime.

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Clear Whey

If you’ve recently started running, it’s likely that you’ll experience some muscle soreness. Liam recommends supplementing Clear Whey after a run to help reduce soreness and repair damaged muscles. It's recommended that following endurance exercise, 0.25g/kg of protein (per hour of exercise performed) is needed to promote recovery. Clear Whey contains 25g of protein per scoop making it an easy, convenient way to get your post workout protein in. 

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Recovery Gel Elite

Designed with convenient recovery at the forefront, Recovery Gel Elite combines protein and carbohydrates with BCAAs and glutamine for an all encompassing recovery gel to help you keep up the pace in your training.    

Carbohydrates are the predominant fuel source during high intensity endurance exercise. Consuming Recovery Gel Elite after your run will replenish your depleted carbohydrate stores and the protein will help to build and repair new muscle, which will increase your recovery rate. 

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Pure Caffeine

Caffeine has been shown to increase tolerance to pain and improve time to exhaustion during endurance exercise. If you’re new to running and finding it difficult maintain your pace, Liam advises consuming caffeine 60 minutes prior to your run. To see the benefits, it’s recommended you consume 3-6mg of caffein per kilogram of bodyweight. Pure Caffeine contains 200mg so this will easily allow you to hit that total. 

Clothing and accessories

Velocity Long Sleeved White Tee

The Velocity collection was made with runners in mind, and the men’s long-sleeved white tee is no exception. Made from sweat-wicking fabrics to keep you comfortable and dry, and designed with a mesh back panel and sleeve inserts for maximum ventilation, this tee allows for comfortable movement and mobility. 

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Recovery Stick

If you’re new to running, it’s completely normal to experience some muscle soreness to begin with. This portable massager targets specific muscle groups and increases blood flow to the area, encouraging a speedier recovery and relieving some of that muscle soreness. By prioritising recovery, you’ll be back on the road again soon enough. 

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Velocity Sculpt Cycling Shorts

The Velocity sculpt cycling shorts combine a flattering high rise waist with a supportive compressive fit. Designed to regulate your temperature while keeping you dry and comfortable, these functional cycling shorts are a wardrobe staple for a running rookie. 

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For advice on how to build your cardiovascular fitness or how you can elevate your running regime with weight training in the Club, reach out to one of our PTs or trainers by filling in our enquiry form here.

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