How To Improve Post-Workout Recovery.

Here at Hale Country Club & Spa we take fitness seriously. We understand that a large part of performing at your best consistently is recovery.

That’s why we have various methods available to you to optimise recovery after a workout. Firstly, it’s important to understand how exactly you can aid this recovery process. Then implement it.

The first area you must address is nutrition, this is without doubt the most important aspect when it comes to ensuring your body is in a state of recovery. Everyone has heard the age old adage ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ I actually believe it to be the meal you eat immediately after exercising. It’s important to replenish muscle and liver glycogen straight after a workout, the best way to achieve this is with an intake of carbohydrates. We have a range of Myprotein products available at the bar area that are perfectly suited to this.

The next aim of post workout nutrition is to repair muscle that has been broken down during exercise. As a general rule 20-30g of post workout protein would be of great benefit and ensure the body remains anabolic. This is considered the optimum state for the body to build and repair muscle tissue. We have a number of high protein meals available at the bar to grab and go which are ideal to eat post workout.

Another vastly overlooked area of recovery is hydration. Most people will finish exercising in some form of fluid deficit. Isotonic drinks are ideal to use intra / post workout. The electrolytes and sodium in them has an extremely positive effect on your body’s hydration levels.

Follow these simple steps to ensure you give your body the best possible chance of recovering after intense exercise.