How to stay on track over the festive period.


Christmas is a season full of temptation, there’s no doubt about that. But how do you ensure you stay committed to your fitness goals amidst the bottomless tubs of chocolate and constant partying.


This depends solely on yourself. Whilst a lot of diets advocate cheat meals or even cheat days few recommend a week long binge of chocolate and alcohol. If you see your current training / nutrition regime as a chore you will probably benefit from a week away front it but the key is not to stray to far from normality, this will only

make things more difficult when returning to plan. However, if you love getting to the gym and following a strict nutritional plan you are probably not going to enjoy a week of over indulgence.


Ultimately the nutrition plan that makes you feel the most healthy and happy is the one that you should follow and whilst one week of festive eating isn’t going to cause serious problems for health / goal achievement it may well serve as a welcome break from all things fitness.


So rest easy, a few glasses of Prosecco and chocolate bars aren’t going to completely derail your progress, they may even make you realise how hard you’ve worked. The number one rule for the festive period is to enjoy it!