How to improve post-workout recovery

20th September 2021 | Refocus

Post work-out recovery is a vital component of each and every training routine if you’re looking to improve and develop your performance, no matter what level you’re currently performing at. By prioritising recovery, you’ll be able to train more often and at a higher intensity without the detrimental effects of overtraining.  

Whether you’re building muscle or endurance, you’re increasing the stress and workload on your body. Recovery helps your body to adapt to better respond to that stress, helping you to hit PBs on the barbell and on the treadmill. 

Optimum recovery starts with a focus on three key areas: refuel, rebuild and rehydrate. Wherever you’re at with your training regime, these three simple takeaways will ensure you turn up to your next work out raring to go.  

Optimum recovery starts here 

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It’s important to replenish muscle and liver glycogen straight after a workout, and consuming a larger amount of carbohydrates post-session is the best way to achieve this. Work your meal around your personal macro-nutrients or, as a starting point, aim for half of our plate to be filled with foods high in carbohydrates.  

If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up to go, you’ll find a number of high-energy Myprotein products available at the members bar to help you refuel.

Following these three simple steps will give your body the best chance of recovery, leaving you feeling fit and ready for your next class, run or workout.  

If you’re looking to develop a thorough training and recovery plan that’s bespoke to you and your goals, our Club PTs have a breadth of knowledge in a number of key areas from weight loss and post-partum training to weight-lifting and mobility. Head to our PTs page to find out more or drop in to reception to set up a 1-1 consultation.  

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