How to motivate yourself to exercise

20th July 2021 | Refocus, Inspire

When it comes to fitness, motivation plays a huge factor in our drive to get moving. At the Club, we have a whole team of experts dedicated to helping you get the most out of your workouts. By finding out what gets you moving and why, we can help you reach optimum performance whether it’s in a 1:1 session, a solo workout or during a class.  

Developed by Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, the Self-Determination Theory (SDT) suggests the factors that motivate us to exercise can be split into two groups: intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.  

Extrinsic motivation exists when we’re motivated by rewards, pressure, obligation, fear or guilt. For example, pressure from a partner or a friend, or the fear of getting out of shape or becoming ill. The decision to exercise hasn’t come from us, so it’s unlikely that we’ll stay committed in the long term.  

Intrinsic motivation relates to a behaviour that has been chosen by you, such as gains in fitness, improvements in health, relaxation and social benefits. All of which are essential to making your weekly workouts more of a habit than a chore.  

The theory suggests that if we want a behaviour to last in the long run, we have to find a way to make it meet our basic psychological needs for: 

Autonomy - controlling the course of our lives.  

Competence - effectiveness in dealing with our environments.  

Relatedness - close, affectionate relationships with others. 


Make success attainable

By making the number of workouts you do per week more attainable, you’ll feel a real sense of success by getting them done. And, if you go over your goal, you’ll end the week on a high knowing you went above and beyond. Our trainers will always provide you with a workout plan that suits you and your lifestyle, ensuring you’re set up for success week-in week-out. 


Prepare your space

According to behavioural psychologist James Clear, you’ll be more inclined to action your commitment to work out by leaving reminders and cues in your environment, such as leaving your yoga mat by your desk or preparing your gym kit the night before.  


Connect with your community

The opportunity to connect with likeminded people is one of the many reasons so many of us regularly head to the Club. Spending quality time with friends while we exercise makes it more enjoyable - making us more likely to do it again. Even if you can’t head to your favourite class right now, consider working out virtually with a friend and combine it with a catch-up.  

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Make working our a choice

Give yourself the freedom to switch up your workout depending on your mood or circumstance. Some mornings weren’t made for high-intensity HIIT classes and only a meditative flow will do. With our range of classes and industry-leading equipment, you benefit from the flexibility to change up your routine when it suits you. 

Competence and relatedness

Keep track and share success

Keep track of each work out you complete during the week and share your updates and successes with friends. This way, you’re getting social support and benefiting from a sense of accountability.  

It’s important to note that sometimes motivation doesn’t come easily - and that's normal. Here at Hale, we’re advocates of taking life at your own pace and knowing when to wind it up or slow it down. But if you’re still struggling to find your ‘get-up-and-go', try and take the opportunity to figure out what your reason is for exercising and see if any of our tips could reignite your motivation to move your body.  

The Club is home to a diverse community of like-minded individuals who have found a place they can call their own, and – with the help of our team of experts and a complimentary Wellness Review – you could be on track to transform your lifestyle with new and attainable fitness goals too.  

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