What is LISS training?

7th July 2021  |   Refocus

What is LISS?

A staple of many training and fitness regimes, LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) is a form of cardio exercise where you maintain the same low-intensity pace for a set period of time.  

Many of us are already incorporating LISS training into our day-to-day lives without realising it, such as your daily walk or bike to work, or by taking the stairs up to your office instead of the lift.  

Compared to HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), LISS doesn’t need to involve pushing your body to its limits in order to achieve results, but aims to keep your heart rate at around 50 to 65 percent of your maximum heart rate for a longer period of time.  

Usually used as a form of training to complement your high intensity workouts, LISS has a range of benefits that span across more than fat loss.  

The why



If you’re new to working out or are recovering from an injury, incorporating low-intensity exercise can be a great way to ease yourself into training.

The how

How often you incorporate LISS cardio into your exercise programme depends on your overall fitness levels and your training programme. Generally, we’d recommend the following: 

If you’re a beginner, aim to do three LISS cardio sessions per week.

If you’re at an intermediate or advanced level, try to include one or two sessions of LISS cardio alongside HIIT training.

You should also look to include strength training exercises focused on your major muscles at least 2 or 3 days per week. Take a look at our Compound Exercises article for more information.  

In the gym, you could try incline walking on the treadmill, 45 minutes on the watt bike on low resistance or  level up your training on the stair master. We’d also recommend working out outside when you can and enjoy a long run or bike ride, or head to the hills for a walk.

If you have any further questions or think you’d benefit from a bespoke training plan to improve your cardiovascular fitness, a member of our Reception team can organise a complimentary Wellness Review for you with one of our trainers. 

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