Our everyday lives are overfilling with abundance: work and family commitments, nurturing friendships and relationships, opportunities for progression. The opportunity to relax, reconnect and decompress are few and far between. Finding and maintaining a core of peace, power and balance within the demands of our everyday lives helps us to excel and appreciate each moment. 

Inspired by Alchemy, a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy from China, India, Egypt and Greece focused on discovering an elixir that could prolong life, ESPA’s Modern Alchemy collection fuses ancestral wisdom, sacred rituals and revered ingredients with powerful actives, harmonising therapies and transformative results.  

Indian history and culture suggest a distinctive relationship between alchemy and yoga, with complex interactions and a significant overlap between the two disciplines. Similar to yoga, the products and treatments in the Modern Alchemy treatment range work together to create a deeply sensorial experience, combining restorative rituals that realign the delicate balance between the skin, body and mind with ancient global traditions and a collective desire for a greater sense of connection and compassion. 

The refined results from the three Modern Alchemy treatments we offer in our Spa can be translated into various yoga practices; working on your body, mind, emotion and energy.  

We’ve shared more about each treatment, its benefits and its connection to everyday yoga flows below.  



Starting with a cleansing foot bathing ceremony followed by a full-body massage using the curvature of a Kansa wand, a time-honoured Indian tool believed to calm the nervous system, this Modern Alchemy treatment will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, centred and liberated. 

With a strong focus on peace, the Arani Luna Shanti ritual can be directly compared to Somatic Yoga, a specially curated flow blending breathing techniques, somatic movement, restorative yoga and meditation to bring about a deep sense of calm to a person’s body, mind and nervous system.  

Combine both our Somatic Yoga class and our Arani Luna Shanti treatment together to gain an elevated sense of peace and calm in your everyday life.  



This invigorating journey starts with a cleansing foot bathing ceremony followed by a re-balancing full-body massage using long, linear strokes and firm pressure to work on the base of the muscle tissue to release stress and tension, leaving you feeling uplifted and revitalised.  

Sitting side-by-side with the Sarani Luna Shakti treatment is Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: a practice combining synchronised breath and movement progressing through a fixed sequence of postures. This dynamic, demanding practice builds strength, improves flexibility and calms the mind and can be developed overtime to test your limits further.  

Together, our Sarani Luna Shakti treatment and Ashtanga Vinyasa classes restore your sense of power, instilling a sense of control over your body and mind leaving you feeling rejuvenated and prepared for the day ahead.  



As well as the cleansing foot bathing ceremony, this transformative treatment includes a full-body exfoliation and massage using a soothing aromatic blend in even figure of eight movements to ease tension and harmonise the skin and mind before allowing the energy to flow to your head with deep strokes across your scalp, jawbone and behind your ears. Finally, the therapist applies a soothing Shirodhara treatment, pouring a steady flow of warm oil to your forehead, renowned for its profound sense of comfort and unity.  

To restore a continued sense of balance to your body and mind, Hatha Yoga offers a gentle introduction to the most basic of yoga postures, combining breathing practices with relaxation techniques to help you improve week after week. With a focus on core strength and perfecting grounding poses, incorporating Sarani Luna Samata with Hatha Yoga will promote feelings of clarity and balance. 

Daily physical and spiritual yoga practice can help to keep us grounded and connected to what’s important to us. For the majority of us, finding time for a daily practice with the demands of work and family schedules can be difficult. Implementing our Modern Alchemy treatments into your self-care routines can help you fill this gap, by giving you the time and the tools you need to re-discover your inner balance, peace and energy.  

To find out more about Modern Alchemy and the treatments we offer, contact our Spa team at thespa@halecountryclub.co.uk or call 0161 904 6930.