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Our fully certified Personal Trainers will develop a training program tailored entirely to your needs. With a vast array of experience and knowledge between them you'll be sure to find what you're looking for.

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Sylvain Longchambon

Sylvain’s personal experience as a sportsman (member of the French national ice skating team for 12 years, Dancing on ice, reflects in his style of training. He takes a pride in tailoring his PT sessions to help his clients achieve a wide variety of personal goals whatever their levels of fitness, i.e.; weight loss, increased muscle strength, stamina, flexibility and a general improvement in fitness. He is not into 'fad' diets and his motto is simple... “train smart, eat healthily and trust me if you want results!”


Strength & Conditioning.

Ali Nobes

Ali is the type of trainer who will coach his clients on how to set goals and train them in an effective, functional and progressive way to achieve their goals. Through lifestyle/nutrition coaching, long term behavioural change and postural analysis, training programmes are then put together to deliver results. Ali is a very enthusiastic, approachable trainer, with nearly 20 years’ experience in this industry. He has worked here since day one and is known for developing long standing relationships with his clients and Hale CC members. He is a firm believer in a positive mind set being the key to success.


Strength, Conditioning, Core. Interval Training, Weightloss & Nutrition.


Shona is a LTA level 3 licensed tennis coach and has been coaching for 8years. Shona uses her knowledge of the game to grow and develop every player. While Shona is always striving to learn more about the game she places the clients needs at the very centre of every lesson delivered. Shona will use innovative ways to teach and encourage the development in every age group. Shona has coached many different levels and believes tennis is a game for life. At Hale Country Club she heads up an inclusive program for both adults and juniors as well as making availability for private lessons for those of you that would like to learn more. With a current world ranking on the ITF Young Seniors Tour and Touchtennis tour Shona continues to compete at the very highest level.


Multi skill level coaching.

Jamie Bantleman

Jamie works closely with his clients to ensure optimal results in the healthiest and most efficient way possible. Through means of BioSignature Modulation, Jamie will personalise training, nutrition and supplementation protocols to suit your lifestyle requirements and hormonal profile. With his methods tried and tested with great success, Jamie offers a money back guarantee if you don't reach your goal. Jamie has worked with a host of people from professional footballers, bodybuilding contest preparation, fat loss and muscle building clients. He also plays competitive level rugby and has also competed in NABBA federation bodybuilding. You can also follow some of Jamie's work on The Zone on the MyProtein website as he writes content based on health, training, nutrition and supplementation.


Hormone and Body Fat Analysis and Body Transformation Specialist.

Alison Werrell

Alison is a friendly, passionate and results driven coach with a passion for customer service and adding value to her clients lives. She is approachable and empathetic, whilst motivating and pushing her clients to achieve their dreams. With a background is competitive gymnastics, her determination to succeed, passion for fitness and cheerful disposition is infectious! Specialising in body transformation, pre/postnatal training and postural correction, she is able to tailor your training to an appropriate level whilst educating and encouraging you to make long term lifestyle changes. Currently qualifying as a Nutritionist, she will teach and guide you to become the best version of you through effective programming, structured nutrition and friendly caring support.


Pre and Post Natal Specialist. Postural Correction. Muscle Gain. Fat Loss. Nutritional Advisor.

Hollie Phillipa

Hollie prides herself on RESULTS! With an extreme passion in the health and fitness industry, it is Hollie's main goal to ensure that every single Client reaches their full potential at every stage of the journey. Working closely with each individual client, Coaching doesn’t just stop on the gym floor! Clients will be armed and ready with an individual program protocoled to best suit the clients goals and requirements. Including training programming, advanced nutritional programming, training schedules, hormonal analysis, metabolic analytics and non-stop support, BE READY! Training Protocols will encourage optimal results for fat loss and hormonal response.


Strength & Conditioning. Advanced Nutrition. Fat Loss. Bio Print Practitioner. Hormonal Analysis. Fertility, Pre & Post Natal Nutrition.

Ruth Arnold

I started training over 35 years ago, with gymnastics and running being my first love. My passion for health and fitness grew from there developing into a career as a Personal Trainer. I have developed many different skills over the years which enables me to inspire clients to a healthier, happier lifestyle. I believe that fitness is relative to the individual and whilst training needs to be effective, it also needs to be enjoyable with varied and great support, motivation and smart training I will help you achieve your fitness goals.


Fat Loss, pre and post natal, core strength

Stephan Quirk

With over a decade in the industry specialising in weight loss, Stefan is now qualifying as a nutritionist in order to further the service provided to his clients. Stefan achieves results with his clients by approaching targets in several ways. You will be given a nutrition plan including precise calorie and macro allowances, supplement advise, client community group and daily activity tracking, all this mixed with the individualised training plan delivered through personal training sessions and his own app, you will succeed!


Nutrition & Weight Management. Fat loss and muscle building.

Tom Pitfield

Tom prides himself on over 10 years experience as a Personal Trainer. His results and experience have enabled Tom to deliver the highest possible level of personal training. Gaining him a highly respected reputation in the industry. Tom has boundless enthusiasm for helping people learn, change, grow and take personal responsibility. These qualities together with his ability to translate difficult and technical concepts into simple language make Tom an effective trainer and a popular consultant. Looking at Tom's past and present clients, it is clear to see how he has aided them to change their lives in a positive way- physically and mentally.


Nutrition & Weight Management. Exercise & Fitness.


Rebecca is an experienced trainer who has worked with a great variety of clients that are male and female. Her knowledge and support are second to none and she is very dedicated to her job. She has worked with many clients with different goals and conditions ranging from Under Active Thyroid, Diabetes, Endometriosis, Pregnancy, Osteoporosis to Physical Transformational goals such as dropping body fat, weight, increasing muscle, improving strength, range of movement, fitness and athletic performance. She loves a challenge and working to a goal deadline whether it is getting ready for a holiday, wedding day, or photoshoot. Rebecca has helped her clients through NLP coaching, hormone manipulation work (science based method), nutrition coaching and advanced training programs. She WILL get you results through vast knowledge and positive reinforcement. She is a trainer that will train you hard. She will push you past your expectations and show you that with her advice and dedication your goal is a reality. She offers complimentary consultations so book in now and prepare to start your transformation journey.


Body Transformation Specialist, Hormone and Body Fat Analyst, Nutrition Consultant.

Stuart Niven

Strength & Conditioning, Body Transformation & Nutrition Expert, Performance Analysis, Fat Loss Stuart is a highly skilled and qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach with a first class honours degree in Sports Science and Strength & Conditioning. In sport Stuart has played football at academy level, boxed in the ABA's and also was top 10 2016 for the national championships in the UKBFF Men's Physique Category. Pushing himself to the limit physically and mentally drives him in life. In his previous professions he is a former infantry soldier and police officer as part of the firearms and anti-terrorism team, serving his country proud for nearly a decade. The motivation and inspiration he gives to all his clients and instils is infectious and will have you pushing yourself to your limits & beyond. Having worked with individuals and teams at a National Level Stuart believes that so long as you have the will and desire you can achieve anything you want. Stuart understands that everyone is an individual and one size certainly doesn't fit all so will tailor your programming and nutrition plans for you as an individual.


Body composition.