Why self-care is important for men

9th June 2021 | Reset, Inspire

Men, it’s time to prioritise self-care. Here at the Club, we’re committed to providing people with a dedicated space that’s separate from the demands of everyday life. Combining physical fitness with mental wellness, we are uniquely positioned to offer an all-encompassing array of services that guarantee effective, long-lasting results.  

Self-care is often perceived as a more feminine past-time, with men generally dedicating less time to it than women; according to the Men’s Health Forum. But with more people than ever prioritising their overall wellbeing and scheduling time to unplug and recharge, what was once seen as a luxury has now become a non-negotiable in day-to-day routines. 

One of our recommended ways of taking control of your health and putting yourself first is scheduling some time away for yourself in our Spa. Whether it’s for a treatment or a rejuvenating afternoon sinking into the calming surroundings of the Thermal Suite, massages and heated experience rooms are often recommended alongside training plans due to promoting recovery after intense workouts.  It's been proven to revive tired muscles by improving blood flow and lymphatic circulation, reduce tension in the body and help to reduce the chance of injury. They’ve also been shown to significantly reduce stress levels and help with other issues relating to headaches and anxiety. While there are many health and recovery benefits to regular Spa treatments and therapies, the most important take-away is prioritising your wellbeing, whether that’s in a Spa or during your day-to-day routines at home.  

Whether you’d prefer the rejuvenating results from deep-tissue techniques or the healing qualities of holistic therapies, we offer a number of treatments designed to de-stress and revive your body and mind. 

We’ve shared more details on our men’s treatments below, each expertly curated specific to your individual needs and preferences. 

Men's treatments at The Spa at Hale Country Club

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ESPA Strength and Resilience Massage

Recommended for – anxiety and trouble sleeping, freeing the mind and instilling peace and tranquility. 

Release muscular tension and rediscover a true sense of wellbeing with this resilience boosting massage. Combining holistic movements with aromatherapeutic oils, this 90-minute transformative massage combines yogic stretches with a deep muscle massage to boost your energy levels and support your immune system. 

The industry-leading techniques and products used by our therapists are consistent no matter what treatment you choose, and can be tailored to suit your individual needs and preferences with a choice of pressure, scents and essential oils. 

With access to world-class equipment, group classes, industry-leading Spa treatments and spaces to socialise and reconnect, Hale Country Club & Spa has been purposefully designed to help strengthen both your body and mind. 

To book any of our treatments or for further information, fill in our enquiry form online, contact our dedicated Spa team at [email protected] or call 0161 904 6930. 

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