Treatment of the Month

Each month at Hale Country Club & Spa shine a spotlight on a treatment, therapy or spa package. Every Treatment of the Month is carefully thought out with the seasons in mind and is intended to be a respite of calm from everyday life.

Our recipe for radiant skin

This January kick-start your new year with a rejuvenating ELEMIS Superfood Facial treatment to refresh dull skin.

We look after our body by choosing to eat superfoods, so apply that same level of care to its largest organ.

Centred around the vegan ELEMIS Superfood Facial, this plant-based remedy is packed with Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin A and E - resulting in a smoother and plumper skin appearance.

ELEMIS Superfood Facial

60-minute facial treatment

Rick in superfoods, essential minerals and trace elements to rescue tire and exhausted skin, this facial is a nutritional boost in giving a radiant glow from inside out.

January Boost

• Green tea on arrival

• 60-minute ELEMIS Superfood Facial treatment

• Half-day access to our spa and thermal facilities

• Lunch from our vegan specials

From a cup of soothing great tea on arrival, to a detoxifying lunch to enhance your post-facial glow, the January Boost package refreshes your body naturally.

Full-Body Reset

• Green tea on arrival

• 60-minute ELEMIS Superfood Facial treatment

• Full-day access to our spa and thermal facilities

• 30-minute detoxifying salt and oil scrub

• 30-minute tension release scalp massage

•Lunch from our vegan specialsls

Upgrade your facial to the Full-Body Reset and take your new year revival to the next level. Leave the outside world for the day and have your stresses scrubbed, cleansed and massaged away.