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There are a variety of experience rooms for you to explore, from the revitalising heat 

of our Finnish Sauna and Salt Sauna to heightening your senses in our Steam and 

Herbal Rooms. Whichever room you choose, our thermal suite will warm your body,

soothe aching muscles, and help you unwind in complete bliss. 

The Thermal Suite facilities 

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Himalayan Salt Sauna

Heated to a temperature between 80 and 90 degrees, the naturally occurring minerals in Himalayan Salt have many benefits to reset your mind and body: relieving stress, improving sleep and boosting your immune system.  

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Panoramic Finnish Sauna

Heated to a temperature between 90 and 100 degrees, the rejuvenating heat will take you on a journey to vitality: soothing aching muscles, relieving tension and relaxing your whole body. 

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Steam Room

Heated to a temperature between 42 and 46 degrees, it’s known to improve respiratory function and boost circulation.  

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Herbal Room

Stimulate the senses and energise your mind. Aside from the health benefits, such as improving your immune system and sleep quality.