What is GVT and how can You use it


German Volume Training or GVT is a hybrid form of strength programming that mixes volume with traditionally prescribed hypertrophy rep percentages. This method has been used by strength athletes for decades but definitely has a beneficial carry over to those of you looking to implement new training styles into your regimes.


In its most basic form GVT is made up of 10 sets of 10 repetitions. Usually exclusively applied to compound movements. This yields dramatic improvements in muscle mass and strength over a six week period.


However, if you aren’t looking to increase strength or put on lbs of muscle you can still implement GVT. The sheer volume of repetitions means whatever movement you apply it too becomes much more difficult than the much loved 4 x 10 that a lot of people use in the gym.


Due to the increasing the overall amount of repetitions you will certainly see an increase in calorie expenditure through out sessions due to increased heart rate.


Personally I feel GVT training yields best results when used around compound movements, an example plan is as follows;


10 x 10 BB squat

10 x 10 Good morning

3 x 10 walking lunges

3 x 10 RDL.


For any further help or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our gym team.