What is the whole 30 diet?


Rather than being another fad diet the whole 30 diet claims to be a lifestyle overhaul.


Recently the amount of chemicals in our food has come under scrutiny from campaign groups and the mainstream media.


However the overwhelming choice of diets / nutrition plans can make it difficult to know exactly what you should be eating.


One of the main features of the whole 30 diet is to rid your body of processed foods – as the title implies, whole food only. For 30 days. This then gives you a chance to understand how certain food groups affect your body. The key to fully adhering to this diet is empowering yourself to fully understand products, it’s incredibly important you have a great understanding of everything that goes into your body and more importantly you need to be honest with yourself as to what exactly you are eating.


Give it a try, 30 days, nothing but whole food, nothing refined, no chemicals. Let us know how you get on!