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Hale Country Club

Hale Country Club is now an official HYROX Partner Gym. This partnership brings a unique training experience to our members, with our own dedicated HYROX zone on our gym floor. 

Whether you’re preparing for a race or simply looking for a fun and engaging way to train, our gym has everything you need. 

Discover HYROX: Where functional exercise meets endurance running

Designed for everybody, regardless of fitness levels, HYROX combines functional exercises with endurance running. This training programme helps you work on overall power, strength, and endurance. 

Train with the best: HYROX experts and our dedicated zone  

Our experts are here to support your training needs. With advice and tailored programming, train with a community of likeminded enthusiasts in our specially designed HYROX zone.  

What to expect – the challenge 

HYROX includes a mix of eight 1-km (1,000m) runs, alternating with functional movement stations between each 1km run, with the whole workout repeated eight times.  

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect: 

  • 1,000m ski-erg

    The first HYROX workout station, the 1-kilometer ski-erg targets the arms, shoulders and core muscles as well as the lower body when done efficiently, making this a full-body exercise.  

  • 50m weighted sled push 

    This exercise targets the lower body, including the entire posterior chain, core and anterior thigh muscles, by pushing a weighted sled the length of the track, covering a total distance of 50-meters. 

  • 50m weighted sled pull   

    Targeting the glutes, back, biceps and the entire trunk, this exercise involves pulling a weighted sled up and down the track using a rope, covering a total distance of 50-meters.  

  • 80m burpee broad jumps  

    Combining a burpee with a broad jump, this challenging compound movement provides a full-body workout, enhancing cardiovascular fitness and strength. 

  • 1,000m row 

    Marking the second half of your HYROX challenge, this exercise involves rowing 1,000 meters (1km) on the rowing machine, targeting your lower body, upper body and core muscles.  

  • 200m farmer’s carry

    This exercise is commonly performed in functional fitness programmes, excellent for building grip strength, improving core stability and enhancing overall body conditioning.  


  • 100m sandbag lunges 

    Involving 100m meters of lunges whilst carrying a 10, 20 or 30kg sandbag, this exercise is excellent for building leg strength, improving balance and increasing endurance.

  • 75 or 100 reps of wall balls  

    The final station... This exercise involves squatting with the medicine ball, throwing the ball to strike the designated target area above, catching the ball on its way down, and repeating the movement.  

Join the HYROX Revolution at Hale Country Club

We're proud to offer this incredible training opportunity to our members. Visit the HYROX zone on our gym floor and start your journey today.

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