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Discover ultimate 


Dedicate time to your mind, body and soul in your own peaceful sanctuary, with our industry-leading treatments and health spa services.  Journey through the hot and cold experience rooms in the Thermal Suite, designed to relieve muscular aches and pains, detox the skin, improve body metabolism and increase circulation. And explore our restorative treatments, each tailored to you using different pressures and product ranges to deliver long-lasting results. 

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ESPA mindful facial

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ESPA deep tisue massage

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Located in the heart of Cheshire's countryside, Hale Country Club & Spa fuses bespoke techniques with a modern and tranquil setting to achieve an unparalleled sense of equilibrium in your body and mind. We understand that every person's reason for visiting is unique to them, and this philosophy underpins our ever-evolving list of treatments and therapies.

Our Treatments

Discover an extensive range of spa treatments, from mani-pedis and holistic therapies to facials, massages and tanning. Thoughtfully designed to promote rest and relaxation, our treatments will be sure to rejuvenate your mind and body either whether you are spending time with friends, preparing for your wedding, or simply ‘just because’.

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Restore your inner radiance with premium spa products and innovative techniques used by our expert therapists.



Relieve stress, soothe muscles, or simply unwind with our selection of massages designed to heal and transform your body and soul.



Our holistic therapies are non-invasive treatments, meticulously undertaken by our expert practitioners for guests of all ages. 

Our Spa Experiences

Take relaxation to another level with a Spa Day experience at Hale Country Club. Whether it's a day of celebration or respite, you'll leave us feeling relaxed and re-centred. Together, we'll design your ultimate retreat; with your choice of treatment and a nutritious meal from our seasonal menu - best enjoyed in the comfort of your Spa robe overlooking the Cheshire countryside. Here, it's all about you. 

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The Serene Escape

Half Day

Leave the demands of the everyday behind

Our in-spa brands

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ESPA is seen as one of the most prestigious names in skincare and is loved by some of the world's leading spas. With a focus on promoting beautiful skin and inner calm, the brands beauty products are made with natural and effective ingredients that deliver immediate results while benefiting the skin in the long term.