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The Club

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We are committed to bring our members and their friends together at the Club. Whether you are wanting to chat over dinner with like-minded people, be invited to taste and preview new Spa treatments or discover exclusive member events in partnership with some of our favourite brands.  

Read on below for new events taking place at the Club.

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Festive Giving at the Spa

Thursday 11th November 2021


We've created our very own Christmas emporium so you can get all your festive inspiration…

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Yoga by Candlight

Friday 12th November 2021


Join us for a candlelight yoga practice that promises deep relaxation and rejuventation of body and mind...

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Orchestral Fever

Monday 19th November 2021


Join us for two different sessions in the studio, combining our favourite choreography and sounds...

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Cupcake Decorating with The Palms Bakery

Monday 29th November 2021

The Restaurant

We believe cakes are essential, but particularly so during the Christmas season...

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Wreath Making Workshop

Friday 7th December 2021

The Restaurant

Dress your door with your own handmade wreath, guided by experts from Didsbury Flower Lounge...

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