Reach peak performance

Take your dedication to your health and wellness to new heights with our innovative classes built across a variety of disciplines, expert trainers and the latest in fitness technology. Designed to inspire and motivate,  our community of members benefit from an unrivalled approach to wellbeing in a Club they feel is their own.  Whatever you are looking to achieve, we will help you get there.

Our Classes

Transform your workout with access to 100s of monthly classes, designed in collaboration with our PTs to deliver the industries newest trends and concepts.

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Led beyond the walls of the Club, outdoor bootcamp ombines an energising mix of high intensity training and full body toning and conditioning with slam-ball, battle ropes, box jumps and tyre flips for an alternative experience to our usual indoor schedule. 

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Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yoga is a floor-based meditative yoga practice that blend dynamic sequences with standing postures and deep stretches to improve your flexibility and instill relaxation. 


ICG Coach by Colour®

Ride your favourite classes and track your progress using our unique Wattrate Power and Coach by Colour system.  The programme uses five coloured training zones to optimise your results and keep you chasing that next PB.

Explore the Gym

Discover your new favourite place to push your limits or find your inner calm. With world class fitness technology, luxe changing rooms and spacious studios and pools, you will find everything you need to transform your approach to fitness.

Our Personal Trainers

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Meet your gym experts

Our Personal Trainers combine their expertise in achieving peak performance with the latest science and research to develop a training programme dedicated entirely to your needs. With a vast array of experience and knowledge between them, you'll find the perfect trainer to suit you, your personality and your goals. 

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Hale Juniors

We've curated a varied programme of activities for the families that visit our Club; providing our community of members with a space where they can share their passion for wellness together - whatever their age or ability. 

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Kids Bootcamp

A safe and progressive fitness class for children to improve an develop their strength and fitness levels and build their confidence for training alone. 

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Children's tennis

For players aged 8 and under, played on smaller courts with short racquets and soft balls. Children are invited to develop their skills at their own pace, learning to rally with different types of shots. 

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Mini Golf

Reconnect as a family and challenge each other to 18-holes in our Adventure Golf Garden. Contact us today to book, or visit us at Reception during your next visit.