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Personal Trainers

Each area within our gym has been carefully considered to ensure we provide our members with the best possible equipment and technology to elevate their workouts - including our Personal Trainers. By working together, you and your trainer will transform how you look, move and feel with expert coaching and a fitness plan that revolves around you, your personality, and your lifestyle.

Our Classes

Make the most out of your Club experience by combining your personalised training sessions and individual workouts with our unrivalled selection of group classes.

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AMRAP Challenge

Push yourself mentally and physically with this timed workout, completing as many reps as you can.

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Sunrise Yoga

Re-energise your body and mind during this full body flow as the sun rises over the Cheshire countryside. This class is open to all levels and abilities.

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Classic Barre

Lengthen, strengthen and tone your body with this hybrid of ballet, yoga, classic dance training and free weights. 

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Be visually transported to a variety of global locations during your immersive MyRide class. With the use of forward motion video, you can explore some of the most iconic roads across the globe.