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Personal Trainers

Each area within our gym has been carefully considered to ensure we provide our members with the best possible equipment and technology to elevate their workouts - including our Personal Trainers. By working together, you and your trainer will transform how you look, move and feel with expert coaching and a fitness plan that revolves around you, your personality, and your lifestyle.

Ruth Arnold

Niall Conlon

Sylvain Longchambon

Tom Melody

Alistair Nobes

Alison Werrell


Ruth brings a breadth of versatile experience to her personal training role and has been at Hale Country Club & Spa for seven years. With a variety of skills under her belt, Ruth will get you physically prepared for anything. Her expertise ranges from helping new mums with pre and post-natal care to offering nutritional advice for weight management programs. No matter the target, working out with Ruth will be an uplifting part of your day that will test limits and leave you feeling energised.

Ruth Arnold trainer Hale Country Club & Spa

Ruth Arnold


Specialising in body recomposition, maximising muscle hypertrophy and with a passion for nutrition, Niall believes health and fitness is a reflection of our habits. His enthusiasm for evidence based fitness and nutritional therapy will ensure you get the results you want regardless of your current fitness level.

Some of Niall’s personal fitness interests include weight training, biking, swimming, snowboarding and hiking. He is also a dedicated vegan who enjoys creating nutritious high protein plant-based recipes.

His qualifications include L4 RSPH Nutrition, L3 Personal Training (CIMSPA Qualified) and L2 Fitness Instructor.

Niall Conlon trainer Hale  Country Club & Spa

Niall Conlon


An ex-professional ice skater for the French National team, coach and one of the Dancing on Ice professionals, Sylvain knows how to train. However he’s not just about getting you to peak physical performance, but aims improve overall health and wellbeing with a dose of fun too.

Sylvain’s training style reflects his background as an athlete, with an emphasis on smart efficient training for busy lifestyles delivered in a consistent approach.

He helps his clients achieve a variety of personal goals, regardless of fitness levels, in an enjoyably dynamic way. Sylvian is an ideal Hale Country Club & Spa coach for individual personal training or small groups.

Sylvain Longchambon trainer Hale  Country Club & Spa

Sylvain Longchambon


Tom’s athletic endeavours started at age seven with distance running. Now, he is a high-level functional fitness athlete and specialist, who frequently competes in competitions both in the UK and in Europe.

Tom’s approach to personal training is matched to each individual, starting with a body composition analysis and an in-depth goal setting session. His aim is to understand how to get the best out of every client, however ‘best’ is interpreted by them.

Over the last 10 years, Tom’s client base has ranged from busy business people trying to get in a couple of gym sessions during the week, all the way up to full-time professional athletes. His holistic and well-rounded training style is built to suit you.

Tom Melody trainer Hale Country Club & Spa

Tom Melody


Ali has been a coach at Hale Country Club & Spa for 10 years and has worked in the fitness industry for over 20. He is a highly motivated member of our fitness team, with boundless energy and an approachable nature.

Ali believes the key to introducing a successful fitness regime is based on not just coaching, but offering 360° support with his clients’ wellness — building their confidence and knowledge to drive behavioural changes.

Book in with Ali to make a positive and permanent impact on your health. He will assess your needs and create a bespoke plan to achieve your potential.

Alistair Nobes trainer Hale Country Club & Spa

Alistair Nobes


Alison is a passionate and results driven Hale Country Club & Spa trainer, who incorporates enjoyment at the core of all her sessions. She firmly believes exercise is for both the body and mind, so expect to leave the gym with a big smile on your face along with the satisfaction of a vigorous workout. 

Alison’s aim is to equip clients with training and nutrition knowledge to allow them to lead their healthiest life.

She has qualifications in nutrition, lower back pain management, postural awareness and correction, as well as pre and post-natal exercise and nutrition.

She has qualifications in nutrition, lower back pain management, postural awareness and correction, as well as pre and post-natal exercise and nutrition.

Alison Werrell trainer Hale Country Club & Spa

Alison Werrell

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Our Classes

Make the most out of your Club experience by combining your personalised training sessions and individual workouts with our unrivalled selection of group classes.

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AMRAP Challenge

Push yourself mentally and physically with this timed workout, completing as many reps as you can.

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Sunrise Yoga

Re-energise your body and mind during this full body flow as the sun rises over the Cheshire countryside. This class is open to all levels and abilities.

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Classic Barre

Lengthen, strengthen and tone your body with this hybrid of ballet, yoga, classic dance training and free weights. 

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Be visually transported to a variety of global locations during your immersive MyRide class. With the use of forward motion video, you can explore some of the most iconic roads across the globe.